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Bexsta's World

Hewwo and welcome to my little sitey :D. I am afraid i don't have pics of me at the very moment, but i will letcha no when ;)

This site is dedicated 2 all the biznatch's out there, lol,joke. Nah it's dedicated 2 people who mean alot 2 me. Y'all who ya are mentioned are my world! Yep you make Bexsta's World and ya no who ya are ;)

I'm also going to use this web site 2 express myself. Ya no like art work and such. I will use art work and photos from my mates 2, but with acceptence from them mkay?

Plus i'll update aswell :)
Garfield on the right is a bit like me in ways, lol, LAZAY!!!!!!!!!!! lol
I love Garfield with a passion :) so this piccy goes to Garfield :D

A major part of my world. Click on the link to check out Garfield's site, it is so funny!


Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

I will update regularly like i said with an update like this:
Site published: 06/21/02
Link to BobO chat added: 06/23/02
Lyrics to For What It's Worth added: 06/25/02
Page dedicated to TRUSTco added: 06/29/02
Clipart added: 07/26/02
Page dedicated to my man added: 07/26/02

get in touch with me at:

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